How Does Football Change My Life

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In 1869 the game of football was born, football has been a major part of American culture. We all love the intensity and display of sportsmanship on and off the field. The game of football separates American from the rest of the world. Football has been a really popular sport in the United States, so popular that neighboring country has adopted the sport as well. Football has changed the way of living in the United States, football has pervaded job, college opportunity, and entertainment for families all over the world. Just like those families football had a very important role in my life and football really change my life. Some people say that football runs through their veins well, I think that’s the story of my life .My childhood wasn’t the best growing up with no …show more content…
The more I worked the easier the game came to me. After playing my first year of football I knew that football was something I wanted to do. I would soon learn what connection that I and football shared. I found out that my father was a very good football player. After finding out that the man who wasn’t in my was good at the sport killed me as a child .After that I knew that I wanted to become even better than him and I was going to fight to become even greater than him .Then next couple of years in little league made sure I would do just that. My second year I lost the weight. I needed to and I became a running back and the game because easy, I felt as if I was playing out in the back yard again and nothing could stop me. The next stage in my journey would not be in Louisiana. Killeen, Texas I the place that challenged me mentally and physically . As I grew up , the bigger I got and the faster I became, my love for football grew at the same

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