Fate In Macbeth

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Fate is almost as unavoidable as death. In the play, Macbeth, written by Shakespeare, Macbeth 's actions lead him to his inevitable fate. Although the witches ' prophecies predicted his fate, his true downfall came from the choices he made. Macbeth was told by the witches what would happen over time. Though the witches predicted and then told Macbeth his so called "fate," it was really Macbeth 's actions that led to his destined course. Macbeth was so involved with what the witches told him, that he hired criminals to commit acts of murder in order to become king, and stay in reign. He hired them to kill Duncan, Banquo, and Macduff 's wife and child for power. It is these actions that caused Macbeth 's downfall. Throughout the play, Macbeth …show more content…
Because of Macbeth’s free will, Macduff had been growing suspicious and wary of Macbeth. He believed that Macbeth had something to do with the murders of King Duncan and Banquo. Macduff wanted to get to the bottom of it, and have Macbeth removed as king. Macbeth met with the witches one night in a dark, secluded cave. He asked the witches to give him more predictions. The witches told him, “Macbeth! Macbeth! Macbeth! Beware Macduff! Beware the Thane of Fife! Dismiss me. Enough!” (Act 4, Scene 1). The witches had told Macbeth to be aware of Macduff and his true feelings and actions towards him. Macbeth is now on guard of Macbeth. He is fearful that Macduff is untrustworthy. Macbeth is scared that Macduff will try to betray him. In order to eliminate the threat, Macbeth hires another murderer to kill Macduff and his family. However, Macduff was in England assisting Malcolm, while his family was back home in Scotland. This Macbeth did not know. However, Macbeth still sent murderers to Macduff’s castle. Just as Macduff’s son died, he cried out, “He has killed me, Mother; run away, I pray you run away!” (Act 4 Scene 2). Macbeth had them killed out of fear. This eventually led to Macbeth’s downfall. Macduff beheaded Macbeth because of all the evil and chaos Macbeth made through his actions. Macbeth’s downfall, which was ultimately his fate, was caused from all his actions of evil and

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