Christianity During The Enlightenment

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In cultures all over the world, religion has become so important that is has become intertwined with many societies and has served as the guiding point in many people’s lives. Christianity is the most practiced and by far the most popular religion in the world. We see it everywhere spanning from north America all the way to northeast Asia. Christianity was founded roughly about 2000 years ago and has since then endured many drastic changes ( Europe has been the region where the most change has occurred because during the medieval period, it went from being intolerable to modern times where it is now the most widely practiced faith in the world. There are differentiating viewpoints on when Christianity actually began, …show more content…
With all of the religious wars happening, The Enlightenment was a period of rational thinking and religious tolerance ( Secularism was an important part of this because when the idea came out, it caused many Christians to view religion differently. “During the eighteenth century, under the impact of The Enlightenment, there were many writings of the Western philosophers, which argued that religious teachings were the major obstacle to the growth and progress of man” (p 159-159). This idea of secularism during The Enlightenment challenged the way that Christians had previously thought and it led to a decline in those who believed after being the subject of much debate about whether its ideas were relevant to society and the individual (
During the higher middle ages, The Great Awakening was also an important factor in the role of Christianity because of its purpose of religious revival after a decline in Christianity due to a growth in secularism. The Great Awakening was essentially a reaction to The Enlightenment that left a lasting impact on Christianity. Although it started in the New England colonies in the present day United States, it still affected Europe in that it was a new religious movement which created even more branches of Christianity, preventing the dominance of a certain one over
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The spread of Christianity overtime changed the way of life, and at the giving it new meaning. After the Christian church went under so much reformation, the earlier Christians fought in many holy wars to maintain the power they had gained in fears of losing their land, and their religion. The spread of Christianity increased quality of life for people living in the Medieval Age, and we can still see its influence today. Despite the secular crises that Christianity endured during the early modern period, it has still managed to grow to be the most widely practiced religion in the world and from rationalism to socialism, it has been the forefront of the lives of many people all around the

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