The Influence Of Christianity On The European Dating System Essay

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The influence of Christianity is apparent in the European dating system, which has now generally been adopted worldwide. The roman empire dated events from the foundation of rome (753 BCE.), but a Christian monk, Dionysius exiguous (Dennis the little; c. 470-c. 540 CE) devised a new system that made the birth of Jesus the centeral event of history. Thus we have “BC”, meaning “before Christ,” and “AD,” Latin for “In the year of the Lord,” anno domini. The date selected as the year of Jesus’s birth may have been incorrect, and scholars now think that Jesus was born about 4 BCE. (The historical facts given in Matt. 2:1 and Luke 2:2 about the year of Jesus’s birth are not compatible.) Also, the new dating system began not with the year one because there is no zero in Roman numerals. Because of the Christian orientation of this dating system, many books (including this one) now use a slightly altered abbreviation. “BCE,” meaning “before the common era,” and “CE,” meaning “common era.” God behind the activity of the universe is an eternal, intelligent power who created the universe as an expression of love. Traditional Christianity holds the belief that God is made of three “persons.” Father, son, and holy spirit together called the trinity. The doctrine of the trinity is said to be a mystery beyond complete human comprehension, but it hints that the nature of God is essentially a relationship of love. The father the loving and caring qualities of God are especially evident in…

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