The Influence Of Celebrity Culture

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THE advancement of technology has enabled the celebrity culture to gain power to influence a large share of global population. In addition celebrity culture has taken an alteration in meaning and its new aspects are causing arguments amongst academics, with their expertise in the studies of celebrity culture.different aspects of this new culture is unveiled displaying celebrities rise to power, causes of mass media production with its constant feed of attention by fans and society reaction to death of celebrities.

In order to understand the fundamental process of the change in celebrities culture, important aspects of present day celebrity culture must be compared to aspects before the advancement of technology. main aspects that is
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ascribed, achieved, and attributed these different categories enables to further understand how each one has enabled one to gain a celebrity status and how this affect the public perception. ascribed celebrities are those who have gained a celebrity status due to their lineage mainly known as royalty, socialites with a long background of affluent relative, and children with whose parents were also celebrities. achieved celebrities are known as those who have gained a celebrity status due to their extensive professionalism in their field of work. lastly attributed celebrities are those who have been able to sustain close relation with other famous celebrities and have been able to attain constant attention by the media causing their name to be known by many …show more content…
but those who have a lower ranking celebrity status an example mention the article by paul Hollander a former CBS anchor also who had passed away in July 2009 but it was rarely noticed by the world which shows the great measure of the present day society and its connection with celebrities, those who had influenced and played a major part in the lives of a fan is

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