The Influence Of Advertising On Today 's Society Essays

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The Influence of Advertising

In today 's society there are multiple factors in our lives that play an influential role in the things we do, the way we talk, the way we look and the things we want. The biggest factor of influence is advertising. It is everywhere we go and everywhere we look. Most of us even carry advertisements with us all day, in our phones. In Charles A. O’Neill’s article “ The Language of Advertising” he claims that “ [Advertising] is about selling a product. But this simple fact does not explain the unique power of advertising”(348). Advertising has the ability to influence its audience based on their desires with specific chosen words and images and if we are not careful our desires will lead us to buy anything.
Advertising is an action by which companies bring consumers attention to a product or service in order for them to buy it. O’Neill mentions in his article that “ Like sales scripts, advertising slogans may seem casual, but in fact they are carefully engineered with a clear purpose: to trigger a specific response.”(349) all advertising components and characteristics are specifically made for a targeted audience. And made to influence the mind of the consumer that is exposed to that advertisement. Advertisements are so influential because they prey on the desires of consumer. Our desire to, in some cases be or look like someone else. For example O’Neil Mentions an example with “Got Milk”, “Britney Spears drinks milk.She’s a hottie. I…

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