Media Influence On Teens

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There have been many different changes to how adolescents have been depicted and treated throughout the history of our country. This depends on many variables including parental-adolescent relations, peer-peer relations, but most importantly, media influence. The media has many different outlets to reach the viewers and how to affect how they will be depicted. From marketing to books and shows it effects our youth tremendously. This starts how we start to view adults and what their role in society is. If a man or woman is portrayed as a sexual image then our adolescents will learn that. The two different decades that I am focusing on is the 1980’s and the 2010’s because of the many differences in media depiction of the american adolescent. …show more content…
I never watched this show before starting this assignment, but it didn 't take me long to discover what the plot of the show was. It is considered a reality show which I didn 't like from the start, but it is about the problems that a young mother faces with their new child. The problems don 't vary from mother to mother. Their problems were conflicts between their own parents, maintain a healthy baby, money, school (because most were still in highschool), and a bad relationship with the biological father. One would think that the main goal of this show is to achieve a strong family but other things tend to get in the way of achieving that goal. The teen mother is missing out in a pivotal point in their life and the new born child is growing in a hostile environment where the mother and father is absent for most of the day with the grandparents being there for them most of the …show more content…
Teachers influence many students including myself throughout many years that they are in their presence. Their ideas and bias are reflected in their students whether or not the teachers or society like it. In both of these shows teachers don 't have major roles, and almost never make appearances, because both shows are mostly focused on the idea of family. This bring us to how parents are depicted. In Full House all three parents were highly involved in the raising of the children and they were all there when then the children needed them. They were advisors and reliable people to solve the problems. On the compleet other hand, in Teen Mom there are two different sets of parents there are the grandparents and the parents of the new born baby. The grandparents are almost never in the show, the only time they are is when they need to watch the baby while the mother is out at school or other places and when the mother is complaining about their situation. When the show introduces them they don 't use their name they just say the mother 's mother. For example it says Shannon 's mom if the teen moms name is Shannon. This has a huge symbolic meaning to how the parent is viewed as a figure in their own child 's life. Lastly society has the biggest impact on the characters in the shows . In full house society has a certain roles for the adolescents to play. Much less

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