Classical Vs Classical Music Essay

Over the course of time, music has become a wonderful piece of art that has evolved over the years. From the medieval period 500BC, through the Renaissance era (1400-1600) and even through the baroque (1600-1750) era to the classical period (1775-1825), music as influenced and inspired the lives of many. What makes classical music different than many of the other eras of music was its level of complexity. The complexity was far less intense compared to Baroque music. Many believe at that point in musical history had a much better understanding of tempo and dynamics; therefore less emphasis was placed on creating overly complex pieces. In addition, classical music was less fluid, meaning several smaller movements, rather than melodies that tend to be long with constant flow. Furthermore, classical music had several composers from that period that are considered by many as …show more content…
During the Baroque period dynamics were mainly terraced dynamics, meaning they were usually sudden changes in the dynamic levels. However, during the classical period there was a much wider range of dynamics. In addition, composers were much more interested in gradual changes in dynamics, such as crescendo (slowly getting louder) and diminuendo (slowly getting quitter), rather than sudden changes. A perfect example of classical dynamics was a single dynamic passage transforming into a larger structured piece with a wonderful transition, especially if held for specific period of time. In Beethoven’s Finale of the fifth symphony at about the 6:08 minute mark where an interesting transition occurs from a fast pace repeated patterns turns out to be a perfect transition, also referred to as a bridge. This links the fast pace section with the next slow pace section of the piece. This is an excellent example of how dynamics are used in a musical masterpieces were patterns of different volumes are used to emphasis a

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