The Inequality Of Women And Media Standpoint Essay

850 Words Feb 26th, 2016 4 Pages
Once women began entering the working world an issue arose from the gender based wages. Women began to notice how much more men got paid for the same amount of work which went against America’s founding viewpoint that all men are created equal. As one can tell the two sides of the matter are whether or not women deserve the pay. Although laws were passed in the United States to end the gender wage gap, women still suffer the unfair payment; therefore, the country’s governments needs to enforce or implement more laws to end the gap. Before a person can define their standpoint on a topic, he or she must first consider if the issues exist. According to the rage of women and media standpoint there is an issue to discuss between the gap. Truthfully the gender gap has decreased, but in corporations women still face wage discrimination. The facts in “Progress of the World’s Women Slowed by Inequality” states, “Where women do have jobs, globally they are paid 24 percent less than men, on average” (Mlambo-Ngcuka). Throughout Mlambo-Ngcuka’s article he proves the wage gap is not a problem only in the United States, but the crisis is throughout the world. Some people propose the gap is not a problem because most women work part time jobs which causes the differentiation between men and women. However in “The Mythical ‘Pay Equity Crisis’” by Gerald Skoning, the issue women are fighting they want the “‘for equal pay for equal work,’ Hillary Clinton”, so if a woman works the same amount…

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