The Inequality Of The Gender Gap Essay

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2000 women made on average $148 less than men per week when working full time, and in 2012 this increased to $163 less per week (2013).
Despite the illusion of equality in the workplace, women continue to suffer with the persistence of the gender wage gap. Many claim this is due to fewer women than men pursuing higher education, but in 2011 the number of women enrolled in four year colleges in the U.S. was greater than that of men enrolled (Bureau of Census, 2013). The research suggests the real cause of the gender gap is the persistence of negative gender stereotypes and traditional gender role expectations, which have a detrimental effect on advancing women’s careers.
In a workplace environment, employers and coworkers often punish women when the traits and skills expected for a certain job or position do not match up with those usually attributed to women; this is especially noticeable when making evaluations for leadership positions. Hoyt and Burnette (2013) found that entity theorists (those who believe a person’s attributes are fixed) were much more likely to rely on their gender-stereotypes and leader prototypes when making a leadership evaluation. Rather than evaluating women based on performance, education, or qualifications, they found that bias against women manifested itself in reliance on gender stereotypes and how well they match up with leader prototypes. According to Hoyt and Burnette, men were…

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