Essay The Inequality Of The American Society

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In American society we have a major society gap, between those who have wealth and those who are living in poverty. The wealthy commit crimes that effect society on a much larger scale, but it’s the poor who are harassed and sent to jail by the American legal system. "Phillip Atiba Goff, a psychology professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, said that police departments, partly driven by a desire to increase their drug arrest statistics, can concentrate on minority or poorer neighborhoods to meet numerical goals, focusing on low-level offenses that are easier, quicker and cheaper than investigating serious felony crimes (Urbina Ian, 2013)." Those who fall in this low economic class are most likely to be minority males and get involved with criminal actives to earn money. These young men will be labeled as thugs, hoodlums and misfits by the time they reach the age thirteen. When they reach the age of twenty one they will have a criminal record or had some type of run in with the law. If we look at the social structure in society we will see that society has failed these individuals by denying social opportunities and equal educational opportunities. This creates a stratus frustration which Cohen stated United States encourages all classes of people to achieve status while at the same time making it difficult for lower class people to achieve(Thio, A, 2013).
This stratus frustration takes some conformed citizens and makes them into innovation criminals to reach…

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