The Inequality Of Internet Connectivity Essays

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One problem which we face is inequality of internet connectivity especially throughout Canada, this also impacts those of Indigenous culture as well as people who live in rural areas around Canada. A study was completed showing that “Remote rural communities suffer disadvantages associated with their distance from urban centres. Broadband can alleviate these disadvantages by connecting people, places, businesses and services irrespective of the physical location.” (Townsend, L., Wallace, C., & Fairhurst, G. (2015) Although completed in a foreign country rural areas have the same characteristics, being that our society has become so digitalized no matter where you are in the world we rely on a fast, easy, reliable and affordable connection. Referring to those of Indigenous culture they have become last priority when it comes to providing broadband connection due to their geographical location, most are located outside of the city in rural areas. How is it fair that just because one lives in an urban area and are of a different culture, can not access broadband, let alone affordable broadband? This relates back to the digital divide, it can be defined as “the gap between those who have and do not have access to computers and the Internet”(A.G.M, J. (2006). A study which was completed focused on this issue between Canada as well as America it explained “demographic and geographic disparities in Internet use, known as the “digital divide,” led to lower adoption rates among…

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