The Inequality Of High Income Classes Essay example

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Every society, and more specifically each city, has its own distinct social ladder. The ladder is comprised of at least three classes: high income, middle income, and low income. In the class session, each of these classes was associated with possible advantages as well as struggles and challenges. While these may be typical advantages or struggles, they may not necessarily apply to all persons within those classes. For example, people who have accumulated a lot of wealth but are not willing to give up some of their wealth to help others. A ladder could accurately depict the wealth status when viewing a society from its surface; but if greediness and other selfish aspects of people were accounted for a negative exponential curve more accurately depicts the health-wealth gradient between the different classes. High-income classes, those typically making equal to a hundred dollars or more an hour, will no doubt have greater advantages than middle and low income classes. Persons of this class will typically be living in mansions within expensive neighborhoods, drive high end cars, wear top brand clothing and accessories, eat in high class restaurants, have access to high end healthcare services. Additionally, people of this class have a greater control over their life – planning for retirement and the ability to travel whenever desired. Some may even choose to establish grants or donate to public and private institutions such as hospitals or schools. Typical examples include…

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