The Inequality Of Educational Opportunity Essay

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We live in a world that is stratified along lines of gender, race, ethnicity, class, age, disability, sexuality and location, and in which privileges, disadvantages and exclusions are increasingly immersed by media, information and communication technologies. (Gill 2007) In many ways, the last four decades of research in feminist media studies has been an attempt to explore the relationship between the two. (Gill 2007)

The aim of the eassay is to review some of the …. The chapter is devided into three broad sections; In the first section I look at … it examines the extend to which these earlier studies have anything to say….

The concept of educational inequity seems to have gone through its own post-structuralist revision. Inequality in education almost always results in social-class inequity. According to Acker (1994), problems in the conceptualization of ‘inequality of educational opportunity’ had been apparent for some time (e.g. Coleman 1968) (Acker 1994)

‘The goal of feminist education”, writes Mary O’Brien (1983: 13), ‘is not equality in knowledge, power and wealth, but the abolition of gender as an oppressive cultural reality’.
Securing equal opportunities for the sexes is the main aim of liberal feminism. The intent of liberal feminists in education is to remove barriers that prevent girls reaching their full potential, whether such barriers are located in the school, the individual psyche or socialization, sex roles and sex stereotyping. (Acker 1994)…

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