The Inequality Of America 's Middle Class Essay

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Living in a world where there are many different people who believe different beliefs, live different lives, and learn in different ways. People become well aware of the fact that everyone is human and not everything goes the way they had planned. While watching “Two American Families” one will come to the conclusion that even though two families who live in America who are completely different, one, a white family and one, an African American family. People are going through some of the same things that you are going through, they just cope with it differently. While reading through “The Uses of Poverty: The Poor Pay All” one will come to the realization that the poor and lower class can in a way, help the upper class. While reading, “The Sociology Imagination” one will come to the knowledge that everyone deals with things called traps which cause people to not be able to handle things at times While looking at the charts in “The State of America’s Middle Class in Eight Charts” one comes to the realization that the middle class has been affected in negative ways. Each of these threes sources somehow relate to the video entitled, “Two American Families”. Not only do they relate to the video, they also relate sociological terms which include terms such as; stereotype, conflict theory, control theory, dominant culture, and many many more. The three sources relate to “Two American Families” in different ways, but they all relate to it. Some relate to the video by…

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