The Inequality In Education

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The internet explains education as an enlightening experience or a process of receiving or giving systematic instruction. However, what should be instructed or experienced is what has America in bitter strife. Some people want to revamp the whole educational system as if it was the articles of the confederation; useless and ineffective. Some people argue at present it is great and with no need for any drastic reforms. Despite these differences, many Americans can agree that how we nurture our children to think and what to think, reflects on our culture and prosperity. For this reason, it’s important to realize that in order to conceive a great education we must create a meaningful one. One that is guaranteed by excellent teacher preparation, …show more content…
Falls back on educational system with a lack of good teachers when need to change how we ddeal with teachers and prepare

Change the inequality in resource insert idea on how education should be taught with what resources
Need data to baby this above However, are we still missing the point what is education to
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Even after the civil rights era segregation still persist today and is visible in the allocation of educational resources. In other words, minority populated schools usually don’t receive or can’t pull the funding to suffice their needs. While in contrast the more privilege populated schools seem well established and in abundance with resources. The typical low-income populated school does not receive a lot of financial support “because school districts across the country are inequitably distributing their state and local funds.” Low income schools do not just lack basic educational materials but also lack adequate teachers. Many teachers that teach at the low-income schools are inexperience and simply endure teaching their until they become more qualified to teach at a wealthier populated school. “Where schools perform better on tests, possess elevated aspirations for educational and occupational attainment, and lead more integrated lives.” Opposed to minority schools where “Segregated schools have higher concentrations of poverty, much lower test scores, less experienced teachers and fewer advanced placement courses. Even teachers are distributed out unequal where the inexperienced teachers go to teach the poor and the well experienced teachers go to teach the rich.” Though the system is rigged so unfairly we allow it. Even at attempts for integration there are claims that a lot of the low-income students

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