Essay The Inequality Between Females And Females

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Feminism is the act of achieving equal rights between men and women in the political, social, personal and economic aspects of life. The inequality between females and males has been an issue since the beginning of time and can be observed in many types of literature. Throughout the novel Fifth Business by Robertson Davies, it is quite evident that feminism is not practiced as the female characters are often subservient to the male characters. Furthermore, the female characters are portrayed as having less equality than the male characters when they are described as being manipulative to obtain the things they would like, when they are held to stereotypical responsibilities of a woman or when their sexual activity and performance is not acceptable through the eyes of a man. Manipulation is often a negative stereotype used to describe a woman’s personality and evidently, it is portrayed in most of the females in the novel. Mrs. Ramsey is the first female to have a negative impact on others because she has a manipulative personality. She has “never been accused of softness with her family or the world” (20) and is generally a strict and serious person to those who know her. Dunstan describes her as having firm household rules that must be obeyed under all circumstances and “sternly, interrogative eyes” (5). It is obvious that her description makes her appear manipulative in a rather intimidating way, in order for her to achieve a household structure and lifestyle that…

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