The Inequality And Discrimination Among People With Disabilities

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Although many changes have occurred amongst the labour market in Canada, one thing that has not changed greatly is discrimination amongst racialized individuals and the opportunities that are given to people of colour compared to the opportunities given to the whites. Therefore, the inequality and discrimination of racialized individuals in the labour market result in income difference, increase in poverty and low end jobs.
In recent years a lot of change has occurred amongst the labour movement in Canada, changes that have occurred are to better represent women, visible and sexual minorities and people with disabilities. Due to the topic of the proposal being racialized inequality, it is beneficial to understand that people of colour earn $19,895 in 1999, while all others earn $23,764 the difference of 16.2 per cent.
Racialized person refers to an individuals who describes themselves as a visible minority or an individual who is not categorized as Canadian in race or white in colour. Educating citizens about discrimination in the workplace will allow us to understand why only 6.4% of non racialized families in poverty in 2005, which resulted in three times higher for racialized families who stand at 19.8% living in poverty. Poverty rate amongst people of colour is higher than others, and informs us not to turn a blind eye to the issue of inequality and that it does still exists in our labour markets today. If an individual’s income and social status…

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