The Industry Of The 1920 ' S Essay

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In the 1920’s many people were better off in America; due to entertainment, cinema, etc, however, not everyone was better off in the 1920’s including the ‘black race’, which was treated with apathy.

The lives of some people were changing in big ways positively in America because the development of the car industry sparked a growth in other industries too, for example, the cars that Henry ford made needed massive amount of materials( cycle of prosperity) because there was a myriad of it be made, so they had to buy materials from other companies, which meant that Henry Ford made some other industries better off: these might include tyre industries, because they sold many tyres which means that they were better off.In addition to that, from this I can interpret that people were better off too because they had money to buy a car which demonstrates that they had good salaries and jobs.Mass production was a popular thing in America, at the 1920 's.Ford wrote in his autobiography, "Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black",this proves that his cars were standardised[ same colour] . He also introduced his T-models on the 1st October 1908( in 1909 they costed $1200 and in 1928 ,only $295) the costed sales passed '250,000 in 1914 '. It was reported that 7 billion gallons of petrol was used at the end of 1920 because a lot of people bought the cars (mostly the soldiers returning from World War One),suggesting that the oil industry was…

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