The Industry Code For Apple Inc Essay

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Industry Analysis
The industry code for Apple inc is 423690. This code includes Telephone equipment merchant wholesalers which would include Apple 's Iphones. This code also includes communications equipment merchant wholesalers. This part would be more of Apple 's headphones, Iphones, Ipads and several other of its products. Other areas of this industry include Blank audio or video tape Merchant wholesalers, Blank compact disc merchant wholesalers, Radar equipment merchant wholesalers, Telegraph equipment merchant wholesalers and Broadcasting equipment merchant wholesalers (NAICS).
Apple has many major competitors in its many fields. When it comes to personal computers the majority favorite isn 't Apple but is HP. With this in mind Apple still has a loyal following of supporters who report high satisfaction with the company 's Macintosh computers (investopedia). Apple holds a 12 percent market share in the PC field. This compared to HP`s 26.1 percent and Dells 23.2 percent makes Apple third in this field. It did have more growth than the two biggest competitors it has with a 8.9 percent growth since quarter one of 2014. Lenovo is also a close competitor with a 11.8 percent market share and grew faster than Apple did since quarter one of 2014 at 13.5 percent. This is all based in the US market share. When it comes to world wide market share Apple doesn 't even rank in the top 5 in market shares. Lenovo, HP and Dell all hold the top three spots at 18.9 percent, 17.3…

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