The Industrial Revoultion Essay

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With the coming of the Industrial Revoultion, came many changes for the lives of the citizens in Britian. Advancements in manufacturing, mobility and many other areas of life left every citizen affected, whether it be for better or for worse. One place that received a considerable amount of change was Manchester, England, who with Industrialization, became a leading textile manufacturing center. The citizens of Manchester would have to deal with the detrimental effects of Industrialization, and deal with the reactions, as well as their own, to these effects. Industrialization would lead to rapid growth in Manchester, but there was more to it than that. Manchester got its footing as a leading center with the invention of the first mechanized cotton mill in 1780, and with that came people to the city. People saw oppuritunity for work in Manchester, as well as advancements. As stated in Document 9 "Perhaps no part of England, not even London, presents such remarkable and attractive features as Manchester, the Workshop of the World." People saw hope here and in turn, Manchester became a place of commerce and manufacturing, and as shown in Document 1, the size of Manchester approximately quadrupled in terms of land in just 100 years. But such rapid growth came with its problems. In Document 2, Southley describes narrow streets, with people crowded together within them. With a population of this size so condensed together, things are bound to spread, as well as a deprivation of…

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