Essay on The Industrial Revolution

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The industrial revolution began with the agricultural revolution where new farming methods were invented such as crop rotation. Through the agricultural revolution the enclosure movement began. The enclosure movement pushed smaller farmers off their land and they were forced to work as wage laborers for various landowners or to go to the growing cities. The enclosure movement helped to increase food production and with more food came an increase of the population. When the population began to increase the textile industry took off. There were many inventions that modernized textile manufacturing including: the flying shuttle was used to weave cloth, the spinning jenny allowed for multiple threads to be woven together, the water frame used water to power the spinning frame. Britain was first to industrialize, they had many natural resource (including large amounts of iron and coal) and geographical advantages (natural harbors) that could be used for easy trade. Britain’s strong stable government allowed a strong stable economy to form which resulted in extra money that they could invest. The increase of population also increased the need for production which meant more factories were needed and more factories would mean an increase in people moving to the cities. Britain began to use stem powered trains. Trains created new jobs, a new way of transportation, and a more efficient way to transport goods. The beginning of industrialization set the stage for future problems.…

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