The Industrial Revolution Of The Nineteenth Century Essay

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In today’s society, railroads serve the purpose they did two centuries ago. Railroads were a method of transportation for people and resources, and for the same reasons they are used today. The Industrial Revolution of the nineteenth century permanently impacted American society. The revolution took the strides towards the exponential growth of technology in the United States and the expansion of the nation as a whole. New industries like railroad, steam shipping, and steel were emerging to benefit the nation and fulfill the new demand for resources and transportation. The introduction of the railroad industry during the Industrial Revolution substantially contributed to the economic and geographic growth of the United States, as well as made it possible for America to act as beacon of opportunity.
Before railroads existed in the United States the country was limited in terms of westward expansion and transportation. The article, “Transcontinental Railroad,” published by Gale, mentions the struggles American citizens had to deal with before the development of vast railroads. The author states, “At the time those traveling to the West Coast had three options, each of which took about six months and was extremely dangerous” (Gale 2, “Transcontinental Railroad”). The dangerous methods to get to the west coast created a demand for a more efficient and safer way. The solution to the problem was a large railroad system that connected the west coast to the east. The…

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