Essay on The Industrial Revolution Of The Mid 1800 ' S

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The Industrial Revolution of the mid 1700’s to the mid 1800’s had a huge effect on the society at that time. In the Industrial Revolution, high tech machines replaced the work that people used to do by hand. Everything was increasing in technology and the times were improving. While some might argue that industrialization had primarily positive consequences for society, and while the sentences above support this, I would completely disagree. The primary positive ramification industrialization had is that the output of goods and economy increased, but it is still not a positive thing. Industrialization’s negative effects include an unhealthy environment, child labor, and separated family life. The unhealthy environment that society had to face was atrocious. “Industrial growth brought with it a host of environmental pollution problems.” (Document 3) The factories were always polluting the air and water, causing people to get sick, and die. In fact, more Americans died from sickness and disease at the time than during any war that had ever happened. After observing the image, I am able to predict that (Living conditions were tight, dirty, and unsanitary.) (Document 6). Urbanization came with industrialization, so many people moved into the cities. The need for jobs was so high and in such a small area, that most people ended up having terrible living conditions. People lived in tenements, which are very similar to apartments, but smaller and dirtier. Living in…

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