The Industrial Revolution Of China And India Essay

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Between 1000 and 1800, there was radical change in Europe and in the Americas, not so much in China and India. The reason for this was the Industrial Revolution which was a result of the Enlightenment and the Scientific Revolution, the Scientific Revolution was a time of change that fed more changes. This created a culture of change. The Industrial Revolution, changed everything, from the economy, to how people lived their daily lives and brought social change. With all of these changes, there are winners and losers. The winners were the factory owners, the nation states, colonial owners and the people who were rich already. The Losers were workers, the children, the slaves and the natives. The Industrial Revolution great changes that greatly affected the world mostly in Europe and the Americas, in ways that still aren’t completely understood today. There were positive changes and negative changes, and winners and losers. The positive changes were upward mobility, the removal of the nobility system that took the people from being subjects to participating citizens and integrated a class system, meaning a person’s relationship to the means of production. A new economy was created, with the factories being the cornerstone of the economy instead of agriculture. This led to urban development and people moving from the farmland to the cities looking for factory jobs. The people that left, left their community and joined a society and more choice in what they wanted to do in…

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