Essay about The Industrial Revolution During The Nineteenth Century

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The Industrial Revolution was overall more beneficial than harmful. Even though it helped shaped life for many people and made society better. Across the nineteenth century, as industrialization expanded exponentially, many Europeans left their farms and country villages to find work in the ever-growing towns and cities. In addition machines started being used during this time. Machines are a huge part of today’s world and shape our lives with all of the technology we have now. Also through the Industrial Revolution wages, working conditions, and long work days all improved through the Industrial Revolution leading to life today. The Industrial Revolution was a turning point in human history. In the 18th century in Europe and America, rapid changes that altered the economy, population, environment and quality of life occurred. While this may seem like a big step forward, there were many negative effects caused by the massive social change. The industrial revolution increased the use of hydrocarbon fuels, particularly coal, oil, and natural gas. As a result, water pollution and air increased exponentially. The nearby rivers were used as dumps and industrial waste. As a result, Paris experienced a series of outbreaks of cholera, a disease transmitted by water, in which 20,000 people died Parisians. This also affected citizens in London. Air pollution had its effect due to smog produced by the smokestacks. London coined the term "smog" by combining the words "smoke" and "fog"…

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