The Industrial Revolution During The 19th Century Essay

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Before the middle of the 18th century, most people lived and worked in countryside. Women worked on their house and sometimes helped men’s work together. Children also worked for their family, but mostly it was small jobs such as farming and watching animal. Especially, there was no technical change in these periods. However, the European Society changed dramatically during the Industrial Revolution period. Industrial Revolution is a great change of the industry and economy in Europe between 18th to 19th centuries. People used many new resources such as coal and iron by inventing machine. Most invention in Industrial Revolution brought large production of Coal, Cotton text, Iron, etc. It also changed people’s life dramatically. Many historians assume that the Industrial Revolution began in Great Britain. Why the Industrial Revolution happened in England first? Great Britain was “a small and secure island nation with a robust empire and control over crucial lanes across the oceans” (Cole and Symes 619). Unlikely other European countries, England needed only navies to protect their land and had a small influence from the Napoleon Bonaparte’s war that most European countries spent a lot of money to protect themselves from Bonaparte’s army. The geological benefits helped Great Britain to start the Industrial Revolution first. (need more detail?) Great Britain had developed agriculture. In England, people used commercialized agriculture which means “a combination of new…

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