The Industrial Revolution And The Rise Of The West Essay

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The Industrial revolution was the precursor to many things that we now see as commonplace in our modern, globalized economy. In the western world, commodity prices plummeted while profits rose, and production and real wages climbed hand in hand. While many have decried the industrial revolution for exploiting the working class, citing grotesque accounts of childhood labor as well as strenuous and long working hours, empirical data shows us today that is a rather unfounded notion when discussing the West. However, many eastern nations did not enjoy the same objective and sociological advances, such as a rise in incomes and longer life expectancies. In fact, one could say that the Industrial Revolution, the engine of the rise of the West, played a large role in the decline of the Ottoman Empire, an Eastern European empire. This paper will look at various aspects of the effects the revolution had on Western Europe as well as the Ottoman empire and see how they shaped these two areas of the world. Also, this essay will show that the Industrial revolution, one way or another, revolutionized the entire world. It is safe to say that the genesis of the Industrial revolution occurred in Britain. This is largely attributed to a few factors. For one, Britain itself had major coal reserves that proved integral to industrialization. Additionally, Britain could use its colonies to extract other raw materials. While at this time America had successfully won the Revolutionary war and…

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