Essay about The Indus Valley Civilization And Civilization

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Looking back at history, we learn how our ancestors lived in Ancient Civilizations. Many people who study anthropology find out what earlier civilizations were like and how people adapted to their surroundings. Two famous Civilizations that were completely different, but yet still had similar characteristics, were the Indus River Valley Civilization and the Nile River Valley Civilization. Each society had developed their own political, social structures, and institutions. The way they advanced was incredible and what they were able to do impacted to the world, even to this day.
The Early Society of the Indus Valley Civilization was located in what today is Pakistan, in the year 2500 B.C. Archeologists ponder over this civilization and have uncovered many things of this mysterious habitation, which was recently uncover in the year: 1922. The Indus Valley was located right next to the Arabian Sea, and had the Indus River as another valuable resource, this water ways was a great way to trade with others. Archeologists have concluded from how the cities were featured, that this civilization was well developed. This means there must have been a well-organized government, powerful leaders, or possibly priest-kings. The people must have very well educated to be able to produce such well-planned cities. Their engineering skills were very well and it’s clear by all the structures they were able to create. They also were able to produce their own plumbing, and their own type…

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