The Indus River Valley Civilization Essay

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The Earliest civilization in the Fertile Crescent of the Middle East was Mesopotamia. Mesopotamia is bordered on its sides by the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Mesopotamia, in fact, is Greek for “between the rivers.” The rise of Sumerian Civilization began when the first Sumerian cities began in the lower part of Mesopotamia, and Sumer became a great empire inside of Mesopotamia. The Indus River Valley Civilization is the first civilization in India. The Indus Valley is located in the subcontinent of India in South Asia. It is between the Thar Desert and The Hindu Kush. The Indus River Valley Civilization is known for its well-planned cities and ancient language that cannot be read because the language died off along with the Civilization.
The Indus River Valley Civilization and Mesopotamia both were the first known civilizations of the area they were founded in. Since they both began nearly 5,000 years ago many of the things they did were similar; but due to the fact that they were at different geographic locations, there were things they did that were different. The Political and Social Structures of the two civilizations had similarities and differences as far as city structure, government system, class system, and how they eventually fell as a civilization.
The Indus River Valley civilization was very mysterious to archaeologists because as far back in history as it dates, it was not discovered until 1922. The Indus River Valley Civilization was located in present-day…

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