The Indigenous People Were Considered The First Australian Essay

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The Yolngu culture, which means, “person”, is among the oldest living cultures on earth. Some researchers claim it is 400,000 years from two different lineages. Forty four thousand years ago the mixing of genes was reported before Australia separated from Papua New Guinea. Researched have stated that humanity could have started in Australia. The Aboriginal people were considered the first Australian. [1]
The majority of Yolngu, who number approximately 5000, live in communities of between 500 and 2000 people. Ever since the Methodist missionaries came in 1925 and set up settlements, a small number of Yolngu have continued to live on their own, in family groups on their “homelands”, resisting the alleged attractions of living in the former mission settlements.
The Yolngu people had been isolated from outsiders for years hunting according to the four seasons living off their land on their own. For generations they have passed their knowledge down orally. It has never been written down but passed down through oral history, songs, chants and stories. until the 1700’s when the Queen’s authority landed in Australia and in 1935 the Methodist Missionaries came. It is then that diseases, alcohol, drugs and murder were introduced. (Raymattja Marika, Yolngu teacher and linguist)[2] It was the 1700’s when the Queen’s authority landed in Australia and then that is when diseases, alcohol, drugs and murder were introduced to the Indigenous people.
I chose to write about the Aboriginal…

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