The Indigenous People Of The Philippines Essay

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The Indigenous people of the Philippines
The Philippines can be considered as an archipelago, which by definition means a series or chain of islands or islets made up on vast a stretch of water (Archipelago, n.d.). This archipelago is made up of many natural resources, diverse cultures, and various ethnolinguistic groups (Molintas, 2004). To be more specific, the Philippines is made up of over 40 different ethnolinguistic groups and 7,107 islands that spans over 1,854 kilometers (Molintas, 2004). The indigenous peoples’ in this archipelago are most commonly found near Luzon, Mindanao, and certain parts of the Visayas islands (Molintas, 2004), and each and everyone one of these groups resides on or in a specific part of an island or islet and has their own distinct culture and language (Molintas, 2004). The Aeta (pronounced “eye-ta”) people, or the Agta/Ayta, are an indigenous group of Austral-Melanesians that live in the sparse and isolated mountain ranges in the Philippines. They are known as the first inhabitants of the Philippines and are considered to be Negritos; a group of dark skinned people that tend to have a small stature and frame, dark curly textured hair, smaller noses, and dark brown eyes (Original People, 2015). Various groups of the Aeta settled in northern Luzon and are commonly known as “Pugut” or “Pugot”, a name assigned to them due to their dark complexion, as well as the meaning of it’s English; which in Ilocanos translates to…

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