The Indians And Whites Essay

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Numerous policies were made between the Indians and Whites; however, the majority of these policies were broken. The decision from Jackson Administrations to remove the Cherokee Indians to unknown land west of the Mississippi River during the 1830’s was no shock. The decision was an extensive continuation of previous social and economic treaties the Americans made with the Indian Cherokees, but there was a distinct change involving the political policies made between the two groups.
Many political policies were made, a few were continued while others were broken, the Cherokees were forced out by Jackson. The ‘Peace Policy’ was one of various policies that were changed along the way. The policy was supposed to be an attempt to ‘civilize’ the Indians but mainly to “buy off and feed the Indians in order to avoid violent conflict,”(231 The ‘Indian Question’) which would lead to the “eventual assimilations of Indians”(233 The ‘Indian Question’). It was established to clear out more land for White settlement so they can expand and advance leaving the “native people to be placed on specially designated reserved lands.” (233 The ‘Indian Question’) but also to accomplish the demands of the Americans in a peaceful manner. This didn’t last long. A new act was passed by the congress called the Dawes Act and “the law reversed Walker’s strategy, seeking instead to break up the reservations and accelerate the transformation of Indians into property owners and U.S. citizens...This…

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