The Indian Tobacco Article ( Case Code Becg002 ) Essay example

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In February of 2001, the Government of India announced they would be tabling a bill to ban advertising by Tobacco Companies. The arguments in-favor and opposing this ban were the topic of the Indian Tobacco article (Case Code BECG002).
There were a number of reasons to support the ban. Several European nations had already implemented bans on advertising, and they all witnessed a drop in cigarette consumption once the bans were in effect. In Finland for example, the period from 1978 to 1996 witnessed a 37% decrease in cigarette consumption. Several nations had also issued rulings stating bans on tobacco advertising were permissible, as they did not restrict the sale of the products. The argument followed that the government had a responsibility and moral obligation to intervene to protect the citizens.
It was estimated by the World Health Organization that by 2030, 10 million people would die annually from tobacco related illness. In addition, there was a concern children were the primary targets of tobacco companies advertising, as industry documents in the United States referred to young people as ‘tomorrows cigarette business’.
According to the article, the sale of cigarettes amounted to 0.14% of GDP, but the costs of treating tobacco related illness cost up to 0.21% of GDP. A study on tobacco consumption and employment showed policies aimed at reducing smoking also contributed to lower un-employment levels as money which was spent on tobacco products before was instead…

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