The Indian Removal Act Essay

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When most people think of the history in the United States, many think of the first settlers, Christopher Columbus, Lewis and Clark, and the Pilgrims. Indians were visibly the first people to settle in the United States, and the several to be taken away from their sacred motherland. White Americans had said that they feared the Indians because they we’re aliens who took over land, more so savages, heathens and barbarians (Minges, 454). President Andrew Jackson was the one who stood out to people, trying his best to make executive decisions to help his nation and that led to the removal the Indians from their land. In 1830, Jackson had signed a very important document which enforced the Indian Removal Act. The Act had affected five “Civilized Tribes” of the South, the Choctaws, Creeks, Chickasaws, Seminoles, and the Cherokees. These tribes were led west of the Mississippi River-to what is now modern day Oklahoma. (Thorton, 289) The Cherokees were unlike the other tribes, oddly they chose to fight a different way resulting, in an ugly outcome. The removal of the Indians ended tragically, in which the Indians had said “Nunna daul Tsuny” which means Trail Where We Cried. (Thorton, 289) President Andrew Jackson had made a biased decision, unaware of what the outcome could possibly be. Those who faced the Trail of Tears experienced harsh environments, sickness and anxiety.
During the 1800’s land was wanted by all people. In which, the Indians had plenty of it and this was a…

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