The Indian Removal Act Was Unjustified Essay

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On May 28, 1830, Congress passed the Indian Removal Act. The law authorized Andrew Jackson to negotiate with Indians for their removal to federal land west of the Mississippi River in exchange for their homelands. Andrew Jackson was able to convince the American people that Indians could not coexist peacefully with them. He argued that the Indians were uncivilized and needed to be guarded from their own savage ways. As a result of his actions, thousands of Indians were forcibly ripped from their homes and onto a journey to a unknown territory, that was not as fertile as their home grounds. This law triggered the mass genocide of Indians in the United States. The Indian Removal Act was unjustifiable due to the natives creation of a civilized society, their right to the land, and the hypocrisy of Americans.
In contrast to many American’s views, the Native Americans were a civilized group of people. Andrew Jackson insinuated that Indians were savages and needed to be saved from themselves. In order to do this, he proposed to send the natives to a piece of land out in the west where they could rid themselves of their uneducated ways. However, the Native Americans were far from uneducated. The Cherokee created their own alphabet and by 1830 ninety percent of all Cherokees were literate in their own language. Cherokee’s used this language to make books, newspapers, and religious texts. “They held dances, engaged in lacrosse-style ball play, and competed foot races, eagerly…

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