Essay about The Indian Removal Act Was Passed By Congress

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The Indian Removal Act was passed by Congress in 1830 during the presidency of Andrew Jackson. The Act was the first major law that Jackson enforced. It stated that the president could relocate the newly civilized Native Americans west of the Mississippi River while the Americans could have control over the land that the Native Americans had previously occupied in Georgia and Florida. Although the removal of Native Americans was supposed to be done fairly, Andrew Jackson and his government ignored the law in order to get more benefits from the situation. The five main tribes that were relocated were the Cherokee, Seminole Choctaw, Chickasaw, and Creek tribes. Jackson proposed the Act because he disliked the Native Americans in the United States and did not view them as being equal to the white Americans. He went to war with the tribes in and near Florida when the land belonged to Spain and continued to defeat them after the United States gained the land. The Native Americans were also disturbing the land in Georgia because they used to own it, but lost the land when settlers arrived in America. After the Indian Removal Act was instated, the Native Americans did not want to give up their land and fought anyone who tried to take it, but they eventually were forced to sign treaties and were removed from the land. Some Native Americans did not like the settlers because of the territorial disputes and disturbed the Americans every opportunity that they received. Andrew Jackson…

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