The Indian Removal Act Was An Act Of The White House Essay example

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Elected as the seventh president of the United States, Andrew Jackson was the first westerner to enter the White House. As president, Jackson had many roles in the major events of the time of 1829-1837. He was seen by the citizens of the United States in different lights partially because of the way he treated the American Indians. While in the same presidency, he represented the people as a modern president would. He is considered the first modern president because of the way he listened to the people and took their opinions into consideration while making decisions. There were events Jackson handled well, and others that could have been handled better. He accomplished numerous tasks in many different areas and aspects of our country. The Indian Removal Act was an act that was passed by the United States Congress and President Jackson. It provided government funds that helped form treaties with the American Indians that would force them to move west. Jackson acted as Chief Legislature when he and Congress agreed on this act. The only tribe out of the many tribes included in this that denied the treaties, was the Cherokee tribe. The Cherokee Nation fought against this act in the year 1832, in the Supreme Court. The case was called Worcester v. Georgia. Resulting from this case, it was decided and supported by Jackson, that the state of Georgia was not permitted to force the Cherokee tribe to migrate anywhere. In the years to come, the Supreme Court decision was overruled…

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