Essay on The Indian Health Service Services

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The Indian Health Service was established within the Public Health Service in 1955 in order to meet federal treaty obligations to provide health services to members of federally recognized American Indian and Alaska Native tribes. Through a network of small hospitals and outpatient health centers, the system provides health care services to approximately two million people belonging to 565 tribes, particularly those residing on federal reservations or in nearby communities. The 3.2 million members of the American Indian and Alaska Native population not served by the IHS receive care through the private sector or other public systems
The Indian Health Service, a federal health system, cares for 2 million of the country 's 5.2 million American Indian and Alaska Native people. This system has increasingly focused on innovative uses of health information technology and telemedicine, as well as comprehensive, locally tailored prevention and disease management programs, to promote health equity in a population facing multiple health disparities. Important recent achievements include a reduction in the life-expectancy gap between American Indian and Alaska Native people and whites and improved measures of diabetes control. However, disparities persist between American Indian and Alaska Native people and the overall US population. Continued innovation and increased funding are required to further improve health and achieve equity.
Through the tribally operated health facilities,…

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