The Indian Child Welfare System Essay

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This research paper looks at the Indian Child Welfare system from its inception until today. It involves the many Native American Indian families who survived the genocide of their people forced onto government-designated reservations where their people were integrated into the majority culture (Brown, 2001). It will examine the effects of the many Indian children who were first placed into American Indian boarding schools where their native tongues, cultural religion, and dress were prohibited and then subjected to being placed in Caucasian homes during school breaks. It will explore the result of this placement on these children who were deprived of a relationship with their biological families and robbed of their cultural heritage (Stewart, 2014, p. 116). Finally, it will show how organizations and human service professionals are continually working together for a better understanding of the history of the child welfare system policies and by making changes in the welfare policies and programs makes a big difference in maintaining the continuality of tribal ties to promote and preserve the Native American Indian culture.

The Native American Indian Child Welfare System
Between the years 1941 and 1978 seventy percent of Native American Indian children against their parents wills had been removed from their present homes and placed with Caucasian families (whom many did adopt), or orphanages. Social workers removed about 99% of these children because they were…

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