The Independence Of Ireland And Independence Essay

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Scotland has, only recently, become one of the most politically engaged countries in the world. The referendum on independence represented a ‘once in a generation’ opportunity that galvanised the nation. For the first time since 1997, the very fabric of the British Institution lay in the hands of the Scottish electorate. Alex Salmond used his mandate on independence to drive his party into its first majority since its birth, with its largest approval rating ever. It appeared to most, that the SNP was unstoppable. That is, of course, until Yes Scotland lost to Better Together. As a government, the SNP had placed a lot of things on hold in place of independence and the loss only further shone a light on their administration. The recent vote to leave the EU, despite a majority of Scots voting to remain, has allowed Sturgeon’s administration to readdress the issue of independence and put the voice of Scotland first. The new spotlight on the SNP has led many professional provocateurs, such as Gerry Hassan, to comment on the possibility that the SNP may have peaked as a political party.

The SNP started their rise to power as a minority government, which helped them in the long run. The cross party agreement that comes with passing laws in a minority helped the SNP gain popularity with the whole electorate. However, commentators have suggested that their drive for independence led to a severe lack of substantial effort and resources on domestic policy. One of the biggest scandals…

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