The Incredible Religion Of Christianity Essay examples

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The incredible religion of Christianity is an area of study that requires an extensive amount of effort to master. Even with my encompassing knowledge of Christian history and theology which I gained through advanced religious study classes throughout my life, I still gained valuable and stupendous information regarding the faith. I absorbed very quickly that there is always new information that can be attained even about material that one already has cultured from previous studies. In particular three matters of study highly intrigued me in my search for new knowledge of Christianity. These matters include the remarkable story of St. Augustine’s life and the example he set for modern Christians, the Protestant reformation of Roman Catholic practices and the influence it has on contemporary Christianity, and the significance of Judaism in Christian theology and history. Although I was aware of these matters before taking this course, I have gone into greater depth and have a gained grander understanding of such matters.
Saint Augustine is an important role model for many Christians around the world today and it is essential for individuals exploring the faith to understand his import impact on the faith. He lived a life drastically different from other saints in the Roman Catholic Church. Saint Augustine was born in Thagaste, Rome in 354 C.E. to a Christian mother and a father who worshiped old Roman Pagan Gods (Augustine PP p.2-3). For the majority of Augustine’s life, his…

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