The Increased Misinterpretations Of Africa Essay

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The Increased Misinterpretations of Africa Africa, compared to other continents, is probably the most misrepresented of them all. Little is known about Africa which results to stereotypical descriptions of the continent. Due to the lack of knowledge of Africa, research done by scholars may be illegitimate or seen as offensive to indigenous Africans. These stereotypes are often inaccurate and fallacious representations of Africa on its civilization, geography and population, and hope. A general stereotype of Africa is that the whole continent is represented or labeled as the Dark Continent who face poverty, violence, and despair. Since Africa is comprised of a desert or jungle-like terrain, most Westerners view Africans as primitive beings who are uneducated. According to an article by Osunde Egerton, Tlou and Josiah Neil Brown “Many individuals in the united states still have a narrow-minded view of Africa south of the Sahara. They stereotype Africans as primitive, and the nations as backwards underdeveloped and covered with jungles.” Africans are thought to live in rural areas, practice strange customs, and fight pointless battles against each other. The people of Africa are perceived as uncivilized pagans with no traces of history due to their illiteracy. The obscure stereotypes of Africa are supported by myths that advocate these stereotypes. A fiction customary in Africa is the belief that Africans are exotic tribes who are ancient. Africans…

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