The Increase Of Teenage Suicide Essay

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The increase in teenage suicide is due to the new ability to bully others on social media, which has given the oppressor a more global and permanent scale, making victims feel more isolated than ever.
Although, social media is a useful way to stay in touch with family and friends, it has also become a new way to bully others in a more public manner. Recent studies have found an increase in cyberbullying: “Seventeen of the thirty six studies analyzed looked at how common cyberbullying was, and the researchers found that a median of twenty three percent of teens reporting being targeted” (Pappas). Cyberbullies will continue to advance in new and further demeaning ways, to harass their victims as technology advances. Teenagers abuse social media by cyberbullying, the most common form of harassment among young people. As a result we could see an increase from twenty three percent of American teenagers reporting cyberbullying. Yale has found that social media has allowed for anonymous cyberbullying and in serious cases even teenage suicide: “A 2008 study by researchers at the Yale University School of Medicine found a connection between bullying, being bullied, and an increased risk for teen suicide” (Friedman 14). The study shows that both the victim and the bully can suffer from depression, but the cyberbullying only further drives them to suicide. A suicidal bully will attack a victim as a way to feel better about themselves, however this often does not help, and leaves…

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