The Increase Of College Tuition Essay

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The constant increase of college tuition has provoked many students and parents to question the worth of attending a college. Even politicians see that high tuition rate is something that should be reconstructed to allow those with less money to pursue their intellectual goals. Even with the high cost there are numerous studies, surveys, and statistics that show the value of a bachelor’s degree –although attending college without a goal or a career in mind may be a waste of money and time. A business degree is a broad term to engulf the wide spectrum of skills necessary in the business industry. Such skills are financial, accounting, managerial, sales, and marketing. Attending college to acquire a business degree is a worthy investment despite the rising costs of tuition. A business degree offers a better earning potential than those without a degree, better chance of getting a job, and low unemployment rate. Obtaining a business degree allows for a person to earn better wages then those without any form of college degree. School is important for many factors it teaches us how to read and write in English class, important historical events, the science of the earth and living organism, and math. High school is the minimum amount of education a person is required to have to be useful to society. College is not mandatory but it is necessary obtain the skill set for a better job that makes more money. The article “The Average Salary of Someone with a Bachelor’s in Business…

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