Essay on The Increase Of Autistic Spectrum Disorder

1252 Words Mar 16th, 2015 null Page
In recent years, diagnoses of Autistic Spectrum Disorders have been increasing at a rate that has led some to label the sudden rise in diagnoses as an epidemic. While the rapid increase of such diagnoses cannot be disputed, the cause of such a dramatic rise is still a point of contention among experts. Some blame Environmental factors, such as pesticides, water and air pollutants while others assert that an expanded criteria for diagnosis as well as an elevated public awareness are responsible. While it possible that one cause may share a greater responsibility for the rise, it is likely that both have played and continue to influence the rapid increase of Autistic Spectrum Diagnoses. While the direct cause of the recent increase in Autistic Spectrum Disorder diagnoses is still unclear, it is highly likely that environmental factors have played a significant role in the sudden rise. Throughout the past century, industrialization has gifted humanity with a myriad of discoveries and inventions that have allowed America as a society to prosper. However, while the benefits of such tremendous technological advances are being hailed as the culmination of human progress and achievement, the potential side effects of the introduction of the harmful chemicals created by such rapid industrialization have largely been ignored. The dangerous consequences of such callous disregard can be seen in the effects of pesticides on infants when they are exposed to them during crucial…

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