The Inclusion Of Strayer And The Neoliberal Academy Essay

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In this paper, I will trouble the inclusion of intersectionality in the academy. To do so, I will provide a genealogical analysis of the relationship between intersectionality and the neoliberal academy. Put another way, I will show how the concept of intersectionality has been taken up by the academy and how this has changed its meaning and core goals in striking ways over time. The purpose of this paper, then, is to trace the history of intersectionality in the academy to consider a future for intersectionality that moves beyond inclusion into the academy.
My analysis will begin with the initial connection between intersectional ideas and academic scholarship. In this section, I will outline the somewhat tumultuous and also varied understanding of the origin of intersectionality in academia. In the subsequent section, I will then describe how intersectionality has been reformed through a process of inclusion into and by the neoliberal university. Further, I will explain how this practice has resulted in a depoliticized, commodified, and ultimately exclusionary version of intersectionality. In the concluding segment of this paper, I will discuss a path forward for intersectionality that moves beyond inclusion in the academy. My belief is that intersectionality has the potential to be the most generative in a space that it is not currently envisioned.
Creation or Co-option
The origin of intersectionality does not have a clear nor distinct beginning. Rather,…

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