The Incident Of The West Front Gate Essay

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On Wednesday, July 7th 2015 at or about 2302 Hours I was dispatched to 4717 Southwest 39th Way (Aqua Isles) in reference to a suspicious incident that occurred. Upon further investigation it was later revealed that it was a kidnapping that occurred.

The information that was given to deputy’s en-route to the scene was “Complainant’s friend called and advised their house was being robber, but complainant does not know the location, just that is near the front gate”. Due to this information, it was thought at first it was a possible a home invasion or a burglary.

Upon arrival I made contact with the reporting person/complainant, Edward Darling. Darling advised that approximately 10 minutes before Deputy’s arrival he was on the phone with his friend James Samuel, herein after referred to as the victim. The victim had stated to darling that he just arrived at his girlfriend’s house, when he observed two black males calling his name. Please note that the Darling lives at the above location and the victim girlfriends also lives at the above location, which is a gated community. While still on the phone with the victim, Darling herd the victim stay “ Ay Bruh I think they trying to robb me, call the police!”. At first darling didn’t understand what the victim meant, and then he could hear two male voices in the background stating “get in the car and shut your mouth”. At the moment the Darling was disconnected from the victim.

While on scene, I made contact with the victims…

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