Essay on The Incident Of The United States Marines Corps

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“Ladies and gentleman, we have arrive, welcome to San Diego,” said the Captain of the plane as we landed in San Diego International Airport. It was dark outside, as I awoke from my slumber, which was not at all peaceful, as my mine had been a nerve wreck ever since I left San Antonio. I had enlisted into the United States Marines Corps, and I was on my way to boot camp, a thirteen week program that took place in the heart of San Diego, CA, needless to say I was pretty nervous after watching countless hours of video footage on the training, and the fact that this was truly the first time that I was alone without my mom or my family and I felt overwhelm with the idea of finally being able to walk the vast world around me. The flight attendant had move to the front of the cabin, to greet us as we exited the plane, I almost wanted to just stay in my seat and back out on what would be 13 weeks of hell. After a couple of minutes I finally had the courage to get up from my seat and walk toward the exit, with noting on my person other than a black track jacket and jeans, I exited the plane and tried to find the terminal A, but as I entered the main building that feeling of being overwhelmed filled my body, as I saw an immense amount of people and store, all ranging from travel accessories to book, I stood frozen for one second as the idea that I was no where near my home,and that there was no one to guide, I felt truly alone. I then snapped out of it and started walking to the…

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