Essay on The Incident Of Chief Engineer

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3. Occurrence of the Accident/Incident

The freighter SS Fort Stinkine which is a cargo ship arrived at Bombay on Friday, 12 April, 1944 No one in the Dock area was aware about the dangerous cargo which she was carrying. Normally a red flag has to be flagged to indicate the explosive but avoided due to war time.Emergency A certificate has been issued by the Dock yard higher officials to unload it in priority basis. Unloading of the ship commenced immediately. However while unloading the lube oil drums onto the Jetty the foreman noticed quite a few of the drums were leaking. The Class ‘A’ explosives can only be loaded onto lighters.The lighters haven 't come alongside until midday even after issuing emergency certificate. Only few explosives are unloaded leaving major number on the ship. Mean while Chief engineer has started doing some maintenance work on the engines to replace a faulty valve which made the Ship Immovable except by tugging.

The Black day has arrived lighters haven 't reached the site until mid day again. Other Unloading activities are going on and ship maintenance work is also under progress. There was No smoking rule, to watch ship sabotages Civilian watch men are appointed. At the mid day Civilian Watch Men unknowing to each other has taken break which resulted no watch on the ship . This was unknown to the Captain and other Dock officers. Eventually one of the stevedores who noticed the absence of Watch men has gone to Hold No. 2 to have a puff of…

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